Prof Dr. Nwe Nwe Yee
Professor and Head

M.B.,B.S. ,M.Med.Sc., Ph.D.


The Physiology Department was formed, since this university was founded at 1954, as a “Branch Medical Faculty” under supervisory of Rangoon University. Dr Chaudery was employed as Special Professor in Charge. He took the duty of dean as well as the Professor of Physiology Department when this university was separated from Rangoon University and was founded as ‘Faculty of Medicine - Mandalay’ at 1957. When Professor Chaudery returned to India at 1960, Professor Pe Thein became a head of department after his achievement of Ph.D. from England. At 1967, the first postgraduate course of Burmese medical school – ‘Master of Medical Science (Physiology)’ was instigated by physiology professors; Prof. U Mya Tu, Prof. U Pe Thein, Prof. U Chit Maung and Dr. U Mya Maung. This is the earliest postgraduate course in Medical Universities of Myanmar and the first postgraduate student was Dr. May May Yi who achieved M.Med.Sc (Physiology) graduation at 1968. From that time on, Physiology Department took responsibilities to teach both physiology and biochemistry subjects till biochemistry department was separated and formed individual department in 1987. At 1973, postgraduate curriculum for Basic Medical Science Course was included in physiology curriculum. Currently, the department has thirty one academic staff serving for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the University of Medicine, Mandalay. These include the second year M.B.,B.S course, Master of Medical Science (Physiology) course (M.Med.Sc), Ph.D course as well as basic medical science (Physiology) course for allied university in Mandalay Division of Myanmar viz. University of Dental Medicine (Mandalay), University of Nursing (Mandalay), University of Medical Technology (Mandalay), and University of Pharmacy (Mandalay). The department also undertake Sports Physiology course which has also been introduce in the 2 nd year B.Sc (Sports) course of the Yadanarbon University since 2015. New generation physiologists have also been sent for trainings in international universities in addition to local trainings to strengthen the human resource in the training of physiology courses and research.

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University of Medicine, Mandalay

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