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The Department of Biochemistry did not exist as separate Department when University of Medicine, Mandalay was founded on the first of April, 1954 as a Brunch Faculty of Medicine affiliated to the University of Yangon. During this time, the instructors of Biochemistry took a role as faculties of Department of Physiology and M.Med.Sc course in Biochemistry has been conducting since 1976 by those efficient and dedicated instructors. The separate Department of Biochemistry was established in 1987 and faculties carried out teaching and research activities under the guidance of Professor Chit Maung and Professor Mya Maung. For the development of scientific skill, knowledge, critical thinking in relation to clinical problems, Ph.D course in Biochemistry has been initiated since 1998.

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IT Dept 24 Aug 2020
IT Dept 24 Aug 2020
IT Dept 24 Aug 2020
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