Prof. Shwe Win
Professor & Head

M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (Surgery), FRCS Ed, Dr.Med.Sc (Urology), Dip.Med.Edu


Department of Urology, University of Medicine, Mandalay, was established in 1990s and Dr. Mya Thaung acted as the first head of the department (1992-1996). Professor Sai Lun Maung was appointed as the first professor and head of the department in the year 2000 and Professor Shwe Win is the present professor and head of the department. The department covers a full range of urological diseases from complex procedures like kidney transplantation and laparoscopic procedures to simple procedures like urethral dilatation and catheterization. So far, 85 pairs of renal transplantation have successfully been done at the Department in collaboration with Nephrology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Anesthesiology and ICU teams (1st pair of renal transplant was done in 2004 led by Prof Toe Lwin’s team to 85th pair was done in July, 2020 led by Prof Shwe Win’s team). The current manpower of the department is as follows: Rank Number Professor/Head 1 Clinical Professor 1 Associate Professor/Senior Consultant 2 Lecturers/Consultants 8 Assistant Lecturer/Specialist AS 9 Master Students 12 Rotating AS 6

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