Prof. Cho Mar Lwin
Professor and Head (Clinical)

MBBS, MMedSc (Int Med), DrMedSc (Gen Med), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin)


The Rheumatology department of the University of Mandalay was established in 2017 to fulfil the need for experts in Rheumatology practice in Myanmar as a second training place for Rheumatology in the country. The first cohort of doctorate trainees was received in January 2017 with the great effort and enthusiasm of Professor Yan Lynn Myint who was the first head of the department. Before that time there was only one training centre at the University of Medicine (1) Yangon. Until now (as of July 2020) there are only 15 Rheumatologists in Myanmar to cover over 50 million of the population. The department of Rheumatology of the University of Medicine Mandalay is now serving as a centre for training through its own doctorate program as well as by receiving trainees from internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, dermatology and many other specialty departments from the University. It is now becoming a research centre for the doctorate program and master programs from various specialties. Specialist care in Rheumatology is provided to the public in collaboration with Mandalay General Hospital that being the largest teaching hospital in upper Myanmar. Patients with various Rheumatological conditions from upper Myanmar are received in increasing number. In August 2019, Professor Cho Mar Lwin was assigned to Rheumatology department to strengthen the workforce. In 2020, the first batch of three doctorate trainees were graduated. All the trainees have got the opportunities to receive hands-on training in an overseas Rheumatology centre through collaborative effort between the department and respective centres facilitated by the University and the Ministry of Health and Sports. The department also contributed in the development of national level guidelines on the treatment of Rheumatological conditions in collaboration with Myanmar Academy of Medical Science and Myanmar Medical Association. It also takes part in empowerment of general practitioners and general physicians across the country in treating the Rheumatological conditions through continuous medical education programs delivering throughout the year either in person or online. Some trainees have got publications in international journals and presented their research in regional and international conferences. All the staffs and trainees are the member of the Myanmar Rheumatology Society, Myanmar Medical Association and Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology. These memberships created the identity and enhance the professional practice. The department has a strong mission to nurture Rheumatologists who act ethically, improve the practice through lifelong learning and provide the high standard of professional service to the public while trying to grow its own society.

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