Daw May Nwe Kywe Aye
Lecturer and Head

B.Sc (Hons;), M.Sc (Maths;)



Teaching of Mathematics at University of Medicine Mandalay, Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Health was initially introduced and affiliated by Department of Mathematics, Mandalay University , Department of Higher Education , Ministry of Education. In the year of 1996, the academic staffs for mathematics have been designated by Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Health. The Department of Mathematics, University of Medicine Mandalay was established in 2016 with the organization of thirty two academic staffs _ one Lecturer and Head of the Department, three lecturers, ten Assistant Lecturers and eighteen Tutors and three office staffs according to the new set up

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Math Dept 28 Jul 2017
University of Medicine, Mandalay

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