• Major research interests of the Department are biochemical changes in metabolic diseases, implication of oxidative stress in diseases and effect of cytotoxic drugs on changes in mitochondrial DNA.
  • Clinical lectures relating blood chemistry, nutrition and related diseases, liver and biliary system and diseases of acid base disturbances are delivered by instructors from Department of Medicine, University of Medicine, Mandalay for undergraduate students.
  • There is special guest lectures on advanced molecular biology by speakers who hold postgraduate degree in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University.
  • After taking MOU between the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand and University of Medicine, Mandalay, our faculty also participate in collaborative research and scientific skill training provided by Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital.
  • Career development has been achieved through mentoring and continuing educational programs for all members of the department. To develop the skills of junior faculty members in Teaching – Learning techniques, Department of Biochemistry, UMM hosted the workshop on “Active Learning Strategies in Teaching Biochemistry” for faculties members from other Medical Universities and Allied Universities of Myanmar with the contribution of WHO and Department of Medical Science.

Talk on “Application of PCR in Medicine” Prof Jose Remacle, discussing about molecular biology techniques in CRL by Prof Jose Remacle, Professor of Namur University, Belgium, Director of Eppendorf Array Technologies (Feb 201)


A visit of Dr Jetsada and Dr Pitchapet from Department of Biochemistry, Progress meeting of Postgraduate student in the Department Faculty of Medicine, Chiangmai University (March, 2014)

Prof May Pyone Kyaw and Associate Professor Aye Aye Han A Talk on “Molecular Medicine” by Prof May Pyone Kyaw (Department of Microbiology), attending meeting on “East Asian Genome-wide Association Study Collaboration Team Meeting” in National Center for Global Health and Medicine and Tokyo University on 22nd – 23rd Aug 2013.   
Prof May Pyone Kyaw at the Genomic Laboratory UMM Team and faculties of Department of Biochemistry, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University of the Research Center for Hepatitis and Immunology, NCGM, Tokyo, Japan


Rector Prof Tin Maung Han and Dr Ei Ei Hlaing, the winner of young At the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University researcher award at 42nd Myanmar Health Research Congress, Department of Medical Research, Lower Myanmar

At the 42nd Myanmar Health Research Congress on Students’ activity on Intermediary Metabolism (Feb, 2014) Department of Medical Research (Lower Myanmar), Rector of with presenters of paper and poster representing UMM

Group Discussion Time

Integrated Teaching Programme for 2nd MBBS (1/2014 Class) (22nd – 26th Sept, 2014)


Selection examination for PhD Scholarship Programme, Chiangmai Finding learning issues and resources University on March 2014


Dr. Ei Phyo Khaing defending her thesis “Effects of Cisplastin and Integrated Teaching Programme for 2nd MBBS (1/2014 Class) (22nd – 26th Sept, 2014) 5 Fluorouracilon Mitochondrial DNA changes in Head and Neck Cancer Patients” for partial fulfillment ofM Med Sc Biochemistry (19.9.2014) This was the first outcome of collaborative projects
between UMM and Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University.