Prof. Labang Hkawn
Professor and Head

M.B.,B.S, M.Med .Sc, Ph.D (Anatomy), Dip. Med. Ed


Anatomy Department was established on (1.4.1954) as early as the institute was being founded. The founder of Anatomy Department was Dr. Zaw Tun who was the first head and lecturer of the department. Formerly, the building of the department was situated in the campus of Mandalay University. Then the situation was changed to the present place of medical institute, 30th (station street), Maw Ra Giwar Quarter, Mandalay. Opening of the department started with thirty two enthusiastic medical students and three hard working medical doctors as teaching staff. In 1964 the department was upgraded with the Professor post. The first Professor of the department was U Khin Maung Sein. In Anatomy opening of Master Course started in 1994. Anatomy Ph.D course was opened for the first time in 1998.

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University of Medicine, Mandalay

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